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Reign Sneak Peek: Mary Finally Loses It, Lashes Out at Lola Over Francis



I guess the old saying still rings true: You can only spend so much time in the same castle as the woman who mothered your husband’s child before something has to give.

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OK, that might not be a time-honored pearl of wisdom — yet — but it certainly applies to this exclusive clip from Thursday’s Reign (The CW, 9/8c) in which Mary and Lola finally address the baby elephant in the room.

“Has it ever occurred to you that your cage is of your own making?” Mary snaps. “That the bars formed the minute you decided to sleep with the man that I love, knowing that I loved him still?”

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As you can imagine, Lola doesn’t appreciate being called a trollop — in so many words —…

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when love arrives

Oh gosh! Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye never fail to render me speechless.

“Love arrives exactly when Love is supposed to, and Love leaves exactly when Love must.”



He’s counting down from 21, and by the time he reaches 15, my stomach turns into knots.

This is one of my favorite slam poems ever. There’s nothing much to say about this video, just let it do it’s talking. 2:48 mins of pure and utter perfection.



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Angry hands upon my frail body,

Leaving purple trails of hatred, resentment and fury.

A drunken state of mind,

dragging me into the dark;  allowing it to swallow me whole

with no one to turn to,

no one to hold on to.


A cry


A desperate plea.


But no one can ever notice 

No one ever hears.



A gun shot.



A clean shot to the head.

Finding solace.

Embracing death.


And suddenly everyone notices

Suddenly everyone can hear

Everyone starts to listen.


And all I can say is,   

It’s too late.

dead poets society

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. And these are two of my favorite scenes. I can’t even explain how beautiful and thought provoking this movie is. It’s poetic and downright magnificent.

p.s  RIP Robin Williams.



I cannot stress this enough.

I honestly don’t see the point about people pointing out other people’s flaws. I understand that it is indeed innate in us humans but is being a tad nice that hard? I don’t think so. Bringing other people down to make yourself feel or look better is pathetic and downright cowardice. Instead of pointing out other people’s flaws why don’t we tell them the things that make them special and unique or awesome and beautiful? There is only so much negativity someone can handle. The world is already filled with negativity. For once let’s try to turn the tables around. 

summer break


So I’ve been watching this Youtube reality series, Summer Break, since last year and I have been hooked since. It’s basically about a bunch of teenagers having the time of their lives in their summer break. It’s packed with drama, humor and romance. But of course they’re teenagers, so most of the time they act kind of stupid. I couldn’t care less though because that’s exactly what gives us teens, flavor. We do something stupid, and we learn from it. I don’t even know why I like this little show, I mean there’s really nothing special about it and their script isn’t exactly Oscar worthy. But they make me laugh. So yeah. Basically, I watch their show because they amuse me so much. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that to be honest. Haha. You should try watching it and die in jealousy with me. Because, you know, these teens who are roughly the same age as you are having the time of their lives while you’re here sitting behind a screen, reading my blog about them having the time of their lives. Ah the irony. Lol

the labyrinth of suffering


If you’ve read John Green’s book Looking For Alaska you would understand this. If you haven’t yet, why the heck not? I’m kidding, anyway it doesn’t matter if you’ve read the book or not. What’s important is you understand the message I’m trying to convey. Read on and share your thoughts and ideas after.



To forgive. John Green says.

But I beg to differ. While the idea is thought provoking, it is highly questionable.

I believe the answer to the question is we don’t. We don’t get out of the labyrinth of suffering.

I’m sorry to have to say it but this is a truth that I have learned and will stand by until it is proven to me to be otherwise. However, not getting out doesn’t mean you are trapped. Don’t sit in a corridor or a hallway and make yourself comfortable with knowing you will never get out because it will always haunt you.

You need to explore your own personal labyrinth of suffering. Memorize every cracks and crevices. Memorize every wall, and start questioning why that wall is there. Think about how that wall changes not only the labyrinth but who you are as a person. Eventually you will find the walls get wider, less claustrophobic. The ground is softer and your feet hurt less to walk the endless winding path.


The Labyrinth is a path you must walk alone, but soon you will look back to where you used to tread, floor worn down by the ever paced halls and you will find yourself in a better place than you were then.

It won’t get easier, things rarely ever do, but it will haunt you less and less each time you find a dead end where you hoped there would be a door.

When you find the room, the room at the end of it all where you look back on your journey, you will see the hand-prints of everyone who has ever touched your life. Making it hurt less with each touch. But what will really move you is all the hand-prints that you will leave behind on everyone else’s Labyrinth.

Suffering, I believe is a state of mind, it is in you to label if you’re suffering or not but that doesn’t change the fact that it still exists.

My point here is, life is full of suffering. The world is full of suffering and it is inevitable. Suffering is endless and even if it is, it doesn’t last long for it haunts you back over and over. But the beauty of it is how you actually have the control to handle that labyrinth of suffering. How you use it to your advantage and how you not let it destroy you.



I don’t want to fight

I want to fight for something

See there’s a difference

Between the fire red of anger

And the fire red of passion

I don’t want the fire that destroys

I want the fire that ignites

The fire that creates something beautiful

I don’t want the fire that burns us down

I want the fire that makes us come alive



“You’ve got a warm heart, you’ve got a beautiful brain. But it’s disintegrating from all the medicine.”

I think the lyrics speaks of a topic rarely touched. Daughter is one of the bands I know that makes music that’s so real, sincere and passionate. Their music actually means something and not just another whiny voice singing love songs so mainstream I might as well just puke. Haha no, but seriously music like this should be recognized more but I guess at the end of the day it still comes down to one’s personal taste.




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