summer break

by itsfelizeee


So I’ve been watching this Youtube reality series, Summer Break, since last year and I have been hooked since. It’s basically about a bunch of teenagers having the time of their lives in their summer break. It’s packed with drama, humor and romance. But of course they’re teenagers, so most of the time they act kind of stupid. I couldn’t care less though because that’s exactly what gives us teens, flavor. We do something stupid, and we learn from it. I don’t even know why I like this little show, I mean there’s really nothing special about it and their script isn’t exactly Oscar worthy. But they make me laugh. So yeah. Basically, I watch their show because they amuse me so much. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that to be honest. Haha. You should try watching it and die in jealousy with me. Because, you know, these teens who are roughly the same age as you are having the time of their lives while you’re here sitting behind a screen, reading my blog about them having the time of their lives. Ah the irony. Lol