Finding God

How can we find God? Can we ever really find God?

How? Well it depends to us if we’re open enough to see Him in everything. Can we find Him? Yes. Absolutely. But first we need to seek Him  and accept Him fully in our hearts.   

I see God everyday. Not literally of course. I see God in nature (As corny as this sounds yes I do.)  I see him in the form of birds, the skies, the trees, the ocean. I feel Him every time the wind caresses my skin.  I see Him  in the kindness of my friends. I see Him in the patience of my teachers. I see Him in the caring of my parents. In every small and mighty things God is always there. It only takes us to see Him.

This song isn’t a Christian song or anything but it reminds me of God’s love. That even though we feel like no one’s there for us, we should remember that God always is.