About Me

Hello there! 🙂 So, I see you’ve stumbled upon this page to learn more about me. Well first things first, my name’s Felize. I know, I have a very unconventional and eccentric name, blame that to my parents. Haha. I’m 15. Half realist, half delusional. A dreamer. A believer. And here are some more facts to get to know me better.

10 random facts about me

1. books are my life

2. i love writing and reading poetry (yes, teens who are passionate about poetry still exist)

3. i listen to everything as long as the music speaks to me and i can relate to it

4. i hate wet toilet seats and wet doorknobs (they make me uncomfortable)

5. i love the beatles and the smiths

6. i have an irrational hatred towards ducks (don’t ask)

7. i’m a movie junkee

8. i can be very weird. but i couldn’t care less

9. pizza is life

10. 5 seconds of summer will be the death of me