My Ultimate Bucket List

“You don’t need a reason, for doing everything in your life. Do it because you want to. Because it’s fun. Because it makes you happy.”

I feel like most of us are living our lives so methodically that the essence of it is basically gone. We fret so much, that we forget to actually enjoy life. We have our minds fixed on graduating, getting a degree, have a stable not to mention mediocre job, maybe even have a family, then we could leave the earth. We are so fixated on achieving these that we forget everything in between. Don’t you think that’s just too boring? Seriously, we couldn’t get any younger than we are now, so I say YOLO! I know, I know, as cheesy and stupid as that acronym is, it’s actually true. We only live once, might as well enjoy it and live life to the fullest. In line with that, I decided to do this the “proper way”, and what better way than to make a Bucket List? If you don’t know what a Bucket List is, seriously have you been living under a rock? I’m kidding, so anyway here are some of the things I really want to fulfill before I die.


#1   learn and master a foreign language


I really want to learn French the most. I have had lessons on it before but I stopped because the Foreign Languages offered in my past school was only limited to one school year. So yeah, I want to continue learning it until I actually get to speak fluently. That would be so cool!

#2  do something out of character



Hmm.. break the rules perhaps?

#3  go on a road trip with friends


Because there is nothing better than travelling with your closest friends.

#4  ride a hot air balloon


Have you seen the movie Up? If you haven’t yet, you should go see it! It’s so adorable and sweet. They created a concept of a house being carried by thousands of balloons! Balloons, people! You don’t see that everyday now, do you?  The concept isn’t new but it doesn’t change the fact that it is weirdly cool. And riding a hot air balloon is the closest thing to that. 😀

#5  speak in front of a large crowd


I want to move people with my words. And there is nothing better than talking about something you have so much passion for. I want to speak about the things I’m very passionate about and share ideas only I can think of (ideas that have most probably been plaguing my mind for a very long time and waiting to be spoken out loud). I think that’s the sole reason why this is in my bucket list, I want to share my ideas and inspire people as I do so.

#6  go skydiving


It looks fun and exhilarating I want to try it out so bad!

#7  attend a poetry reading session


I really want to go to one of these, because in these you can find poets young and old who are really passionate about their craft. I can only dream of actually sharing my poetry here, lol who knows right?

#8  write a very inspiring text on a public wall


I love how these things make you stop and think. I don’t know but I want to write one of these in a wall somewhere. If I have to legally buy that wall I would. But of course, I’ll do this for when I’m actually legal.

#9  go to a huge music festival with friends


This picture is taken in California, and they have this arts and music festival that they celebrate each year called “Coachella”. I know this is just wishful thinking but I really want to got to an event similar to this.

#10  travel around the world


Ok, so I’m going to be very cliché and say I want to travel the world. Honestly though, who doesn’t? This is a great opportunity to connect with people and learn as we go. Make memories. Explore.